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    Layers getting flattened in pdf

      Working on a file for a client to try to give them some flexibility in creating multiple pdfs from one document.

      Created the pdf from InDesign on a Mac. The file has 8 different layers for different color options. The idea was for the client to be able to turn on and off the color choices they wish to use and do a save as for each individual file. There are also layers for areas of type which are seperate from the other layers.

      The client works on a PC, so I took the original pdf to a PC and did a save as. The file seemed to perform as desired on our PC. I saved several files from the original with different color options and all seemed to work just fine.

      The client is telling me that when he makes his changes, selects a color option and saves the file, the newly saved file is "defaulting" to the first layer color option and then flattening all the layers into one layer. However, all the other layers are visible but have nothing on them.

      I am working with version 8 and the client is using version 9. Is there a compatibility issue or is there a setting he is missing when he saves his new file?

      Please let me know if you need any other info about all this, I realize it's about as clear as mud.