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    Sending Filled PDF Form ONLINE without promting outlook/windowsmail etc

      This question has been placed serveral times. But no one seemed to have THE anwers/script for it.

      now we all know that a filled pdf form, can be send as an attachment when you click on the submit button. It prompts, your computer mail software and place the e-mail adress and subject on the right place with the filed pdf file attached. That's cool.

      And also we know you can save the pdf form on your local disk. Login in your gmail, hotmail or yahoo and attach the saved pdf form file and send it there.

      But what I want is something more simpler. The above mention is tricky when someone dont have mail client. I just want the complete filled pdf form, send online (through mailserver?). just the send button. without prompting outlook/windowsmail. Just the submit and send the whole damn thing to the right address.

      So what's the script to do so?