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    How to fill in a PDF form after client fills in HTML form

      i guess i need to try this a second time.

      i have been to numerous sites where they ask a user to fill in lot of fields with a html web form, and then when all done all that filled in data gets transferred into PDF forms for the client to print out, ertc

      tyopical sites i have seen this with are brokerage accounts for stock and commodities. all the major houses use this format, along with electronic signatures, etc ec etc

      so, the client fills out an html form, presses enter, and voila a pdf form shows up with all *its* fields filled in with the information the client supplied in the html form.

      this is what i am trying to figure out how to do. i have been searching the internet for 10 days now, about 4 hrs a day on this and i still have not found the code for this

      my site is PHP, but java i guess would work as well.

      any way, i am getting way behind on this project and if anybody knows where the code is to make this hapen at my site i'd be grateful to find out :)