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    Typographic & Font Problem on Pdf's


      Im a amateur writer and am kinda writing stuff of fiction. Im very much in to this stuff and i collect lots of medias. Recently i learned that my favorite publisher - white wolf - does provide books online. So i went and bought couple of them and saw what they have done with pdfs.

      I was amazed to see all those visuals that you go through on paperbacks can be brought to pdf format and still ,text can be choosen out of them.

      So i was trying to do the same. I downloaded Acrobat and Photoshop from here while back and tried some pdfing myself.

      Im creating a visual on photoshop. And Add text on it. And after that i save it as pdf.
      When i open it, i find some text are choosable by mouse while some are simply merged to the back ground. And i have to say, this even happens on fonts such as Arial and Verdena. I did try to merge all visiuals except of texts to see if , too much layers were making this , but alas, i still had the same problem.

      Also, in photoshops text tool, there are many ,very good options.You can strike them you can small cap them and stuff. But when they are converted to pdf , all these effects dissapear and a regular font appears.

      Why this might be the case as well as is Photoshop is the wrong way to achieve those pdfs thats like Whitewolfs.

      When i looked through it, i came to realize there are few "possible" reasons why this is happening.

      So bottom line is this
      1) is Photoshop is a sufficient tool to create good pdfs (if not, which program would you suggest)
      2) Typographic effects cannot be imported to Pdfs? if so how?
      3) Why some fonts get to be merged while some fonts simply would not?
      4) last but not least, would all these be because my photoshop is on trial

      I gotto add these infos. Win Xp Sp3 Photoshop cs4 Acrobat 9 (both trial)