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    Distribution of forms

      I am creating forms for distribution with Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional. I am saving the forms to my hard drive and then emailing them to people who are to fill them out and then email them back to me.
      I have two questions:
      1. When the person filling out the form clicks on Submit form and selects desktop email application, an email opens up and with a message that is meant for the person receiving the form which is very confusing for the person submitting the form:
      Instructions to add this form to a responses file:
      1. Double-click the attachment.
      2. Acrobat will prompt you to select a responses file

      Is there any way to stop Acrobat from creating that message in the email?

      2.The created email has the subject "Submitting Completed Form".
      Does the user have any control over the subject?

      Thanks for any help you can give.
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          juxey2000 Level 1

          I am also looking to distribute several different forms and would like to be able to distinguish which one is which, when they arrive back. In the incoming e-mail subject heading, instead of just 'Submitting completed form' can I change it for each form?

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            Yes, please.  I would also like a solution to this problem.


            Re: Livecycle Designer ES 8.2 (on machines with both Vista and XP)
            I am trying to understand my submit button for a distributed form.  I created the button by adding a button then selecting the submit property.
            I have figured out how to put in my own subject and body text for the email.  I found a reference that tells me to use %20 instead of spaces in the body text. I can put that into the Object properties or all it to the XML view.  It all works very nicely before I distribute the form.
            But -- once I distribute the form, all my lovely text for the subject line and email body text  disappears and is substituted with completely inappropriate default text when users fill out the form and click submit.
            I need to change that subject line and body text as appropriate for each new form.
            How do I modify the default subject line and body text  attached to a submit button in a distributed form?
            Thanks for any assistance.
            Much appreciated,
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              Hello everyone:


              I'm also stuck with this issue....


              There seems no way to modify the "Submitting Completed Form" Subject line when distributing a from.

              I'm using LCD ES as well.

              So far I've had to add the button "Submit Email" onto the form...and modify the subject line from the button's properties.

              I would like to use the purple button instead....

              I've also tried to manually edit the XML behind the form to no avial.  There is scarce documentation in how to do this.


              Let's keep on reading....



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                theQuicker1 Level 1

                Me too! Is this still the case in 2012?