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    Flash Loading Issues

      Wondering if anyone can help with a few questions regarding really technical Flash loading operations and such.

      We have an application that is quite large, built in Flash CS3, using ActionScript 2.0. The problem seems to be that running on some user's computers, we get a lot of crashing and locking up. We suspect it might be due to the way the application runs, especially upon load.

      We've experimented a little bit with setInterval as a solution, but would really like to talk to someone who has had experience with this type of things and can properly set us up for debugging our issues and future growth. If there is someone who can consult and suggest ways to properly instantiate variable and actions in a large Flash app, we'd love to have a few hours of your time.

      Reply to this post with suggestions, resources, links, etc. Or if you're interesting in possibly consulting for a few hours or days, please contact me via email.