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    Can't Arm Track for Recording

      I can't Arm any track for recording. I've closed the program, rebooted, etc. with no luck. When I first open Audition, with no session loaded, I can Arm a track. But when I load my session I can't Arm any track. I've checked Audio Hardware Setup and all seems OK. Anyone know what might be happening? Thanks.
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          I found the problem. Each track had the 'Input' button (right below the volume and pan buttons) set to none. How this happened I'm not sure. Probably when I opened another program that took over ASIO and changed AA3.

          I found the answer at http://forums.digitalmedianet.com/cgi-bin/readwholethread.fcgi?forum=adobe_audition&post= 060922041404.htm&toppostid=425

          They were discussing another problem but was able to get my answer from the topic they were discussing.