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    Opening M4A Files

      I notice Audition won't open M4A files. Is there a plugin that can be downloaded to make this happen?

      I suppose I could copy my M4A's to CD and open them that way.... as long as during the copy process no loss of quality happens to the files. Kind of a pain to copy them all to disc and open them as track 1, track 2. etc., instead of the original name of the files.
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          Stan Oliver Newcomer
          Try the Apple Quicktime Filter at http://www.vuplayer.com/audition.php.
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            I can't get anything to go in the Audition folder from WinRAR. Heaven help us if the program actually just let you copy and paste it in, that would be too easy. When I tried to go back and unpack it to the Audition main folder (I am assuming that's where it's supposed to go. The instructions said program folder), it said I don't have permission. It's silly when things are made this difficult. It makes me wonder if it will work once I do get them in the right place. Can you provide a simple solution to get these files where they need to be, and express what folder they actually need to be in?

            Thanks, I appreciate your help.
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              I got it to work. I downloaded WinZip and it handled the chore. It's not an ARTARD program like WinRAR and will actually do what it's supposed to.

              I put the qt filter in the main folder and it worked, Audition opens M4A files now. It's interesting, the info they put in the M4A files will not allow you to preview the songs in Audition but WILL let you open them up lol. Another thing that is interesting is Adobe is telling me the songs are at different bit rates than what iTunes are claiming. At iTunes you pretty much get everything at 256 (sometimes 128). However, Audition is saying some songs are at 258, 261, 252, etc.
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                HomeboyStudio Newcomer
                This could be a problem with WinRar. The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. Windoze XP supports opening ZIP files natively.

                If you right-click on the downloaded ZIP file and choose "Explore" then this native ZIP access kicks in and you will see the two files "qt.flt" and "qfilter.txt". You should be able to highlight and copy these to sysdrive:\Program Files\Adobe\Audition 3.0 folder.

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                  sweeppicker Newcomer

                  I was going through the same problem. Thanks for sharing and helping out.





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                    voiceboy1 Newcomer



                    Thank you for this. I had to update Quicktime & reboot first & then it worked brilliantly!



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                      chatniran Newcomer

                      If you to open and edit your .m4a format file on adobe audition take this step.


                      1. Open your Adobe audition.

                      2. Go to Edit menu.

                      3. Go to Preferences.

                      4. Click-on Media & Disk cache

                      5. And click Enable DLMS Format support.


                      Now you can open and edit your m4a format file.

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                        ryclark Rockstar

                        This is a five year old topic when the instructions you give wouldn't work with Audition at that stage of it's development at AA v.3. DLMS support only came in recent versions of Audition from about CS6 onward.

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                          Chris @ LGC Newcomer

                          Thanks for the link, I have installed the filter on both Audition 1.5 and Audition CC (2104) successfully