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    File saving settings. I want to save as ACM Waveform as a default

    jrackow Level 1
      I want my default save settings to be ACM Waveform, not Windows PCM. I have to load everything I create into a program called NexGen. It's a radio automation system. For some reason it's not taking the Windows PCM from Adobe 3. It was accepting the PCM from version 1.5, very confusing to me. Does anyone know why that is? And more importantly, does anyone know how to change the setting so I don't have to scroll through all of the save options every time I try to save a file. I save about 20 files per day, and sometimes I'm saving multiple things over and over again, so sometimes I'm saving closer to 100 files per day. It would shave a lot of time if I can be able to save the way I used to. I wish new versions would tell you everything that's going to be different to make your life suck more before telling you all the awesome things a new version can do. Cos right now, this is about issue #10 that is really slowing me down. I will have to say, I'm digging A3 for the most part, though. Thanks for any help you can give.