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    Support for other encodings?


      I know the latest version of RoboHelp supports Unicode (UTF-8) which is great. However, for one of our online help systems we need support for other encoding formats specifically for Asian language support. Namely GB-2312, Big-5, Shift_JIS (for S. Chinese, T. Chinese, and Japanese). Does RoboHelp support these specific encodings within WebHelp?

      I've been poking around the forums (and the Internet) to try to get a clear answer on this. One thing I read was rather interesting and I'm also wondering if there is any merit to it:


      We've found, for example, that the HTML pages displayed in the main window are happy with UTF-8, whereas the TOC pane won't support UTF-8 but will support Shift-JIS.

      To be clear, I believe they were referring to RH6 and it sounds like some issues like this within 6 were fixed in 7. True?