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    Session File Debugger!

    SuiteSpot Level 4
      Yes we have all had system crashes - some are AA's fault others aren't.

      It really doesn't matter who gets the blame but maybe some sort of basic session file debugging facility or checksum type capability.

      Maybe the option to select to load FX, or particular tracks or some such.

      What about a session rebuilder?

      Yeah I know maybe some magic beans and pixie dust would be easier to ask for :-)

      In the meantime its back to "Save early and save often"
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          RonNovy Level 2
          If there were a way to convert a .ses file to xml without loading it then that would be enough in my opinion...

          Hmm... If only the .ses loading was in a plug-in like the .xml stuff ;) You could just have the plug-ins do all the work ;P It certainly might make the SDK more popular. Of course there would need to be some sort of version tracking for the .ses plug-ins so that the format can continue to evolve... So what do you think Adobe? What? Of course it's a great idea ;)
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            SuiteSpot Level 4

            I've learnt a heap about the inner workings of AA over the last 3 months.  I pretty much have the xml down pat but I have just started re-examining the  binary session file (.ses) and it appears a lot more meaningful to me now.  I have a number of formats on my plate to decode (eg PT5) but I will spend some time decoding & writing  some functions to interrogate the AA ses file.


            I will keep you informed but don't hold your breath - AA4 will probably beat me to the punch