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    Support for file extensions with more than three characters when saving - I want my FLAC!

      Why does the Wave Editor still drop characters from filenames with more than three character extensions when you save a file? But since -opening- a FLAC file with an extension of ".flac" doesn't get chopped to ".fla", why does Audition still chop off the extra character when -saving-?

      It gets old quickly when you have to save, close and reopen files in order to get Audition's Multitrack editor to play nice and be able to find files when you reopen the Session.

      Given that the FLAC filter is open source, I may just have to modify the code and recompile it to force a save to ".fla"... But of course, ".fla" is a Flash file extension, which I also use, so that is a crude hack for me.