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    Tempo Track

      As the title says, the biggest omission in Audition 3 - for me - is the lack of a tempo lane in the main arrangment to automate changes in a track when using loops, MIDI, or a Rewire client. While we're at it, a time signature lane would also be handy (though less essential).

      Please.... can we have this for Audition 4...?
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          I strongly agree with this request. The ability to change both tempo and time signature would be wonderful.
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            reed_safehaven Level 1
            Hear hear! I quite agree. This is such a simple yet necessary function; perhaps Adobe would be so kind as to include it in a free update, rather than a paid upgrade? :)
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              RonNovy Level 2
              I have to bump this... I just encountered a situation where this would have saved me LOTS of time... In a song with only 4 'simple' tempo changes things got really tricky and I had to create 4 different sessions! A Tempo Lane wouldn't be too hard to implement, but it would be a task in itself... Maybe limit loops to there original tempo boundary for a simple implementation.
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                  RonNovy Level 2

                  I was reading in the forum and realized how easy this would really be to implement if done as a set of Clips in a new type of track...  There are Audio tracks MIDI tracks and Video tracks... What's one more ?


                  It can output audio as clicks and you can edit the track in the multi-track view just as if they were regular clips.  Adjust a tempo envelope as if it were the volume or panning envelope for an audio clip


                  The standard ruler at the bottom of the multi-track view can be used to display time in any format, but the Tempo track can display a ruler in Beats.


                  Huh... What was that?  Of course it's a great idea \o/  Yay...


                  Using doubles to store the tempo you could use minimum and maximum values between 0 and 1 to define the BPM between something like 25 to 300 BPM...


                  It really doesn't need to be too hard wired into Audition to create the desired effects and the Tempo track could just be a GUI to creating a Click track.


                  Arg!  I'm really bored now...

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                    Bump!  ...and don't forget the time signature!


                    Omitting this functionality has basically ignored an entire segment of songwriters. Progressive rock/metal/etc musicians often need to be able to change the time signature and/or tempo in the middle of the song. I once had to record the click track to an audio track at one time signature and then do the same using another time signature and use the audio tracks to create a proper click for the song (changed from 4/4 to 3/4 and back repeatedly). This was quite time consuming and left my recording out of sync with the bpm shown along the multitrack view.


                    My suggestion would be to add queue points (like keyframes in Flash) along the track where abrupt changes could be made to the time signature and/or tempo, and allow for gradually changing tempo (e.g. a rise from slow to a fast between points).