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    more than one external controller

      i would love to see some more functionality in the external controllers.
      being able to use more than one mackie control would be great, but using only one, i get glitches involving transport buttons not working properly after recording.
      thanks for listening,
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          I would like to second this request. I have had success using my Tascam DM3200 as an external controller with Audition. However, I only have control over the first eight channels. This is because Audition will only recognize one USB Midi port for Mackie Machine Control.
          I am able to use two USB Midi ports in Sonar, allowing me to remotely control 16 channels with the DM3200. (USB Midi 5 for 1-8 with Mackie Machine control, and USB Midi 6 for 7-16 with Mackie Machine XT). This is a great piece of funtionality and I would love to have it in Audition. I am sure the radio guys are using Digital mixers and would appreciate the control over more channels as well. JM2C

          Steve E.
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            I would even like to see an option for "patching" individual controls on non-Mackie MIDI controllers. This would allow almost universal support for controllers by being user-defined.I have the Behringer BCF2000 in Mackie mode and only about half the controls have any function. Would like to go with something like the Tascam US2400, with more channels, but it's not supported.
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              I would also second this request.


              I am currently running Audition using a Tascam FW-1884 as the external controller. I upgrading by adding an FE-8, but Audition will not recognize the second controller.


              If this isn't addressed post haste, I will be switching permanently to Sonar or Pro Tools. I would love to stay with Audition, but this issue is critical to me.