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    Improvements in surround encoder

    jdmack01 Level 1
      I downloaded the 3.0 trial version, hoping to find some improvements in the surround encoder. I currently am using AA 1.5, and it seems that almost nothing has changed between the versions in this regard. It would be nice to have a virtual joystick that would make circular panning simpler than having to manually create points. Or even a plugin to automate surround panning moves (such as one to move the sound around in a random chaotic pattern).

      J. D.
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          JD's improvements sound good to me.

          I would also hope for a 'time window' selection feature on the
          Multichannel Encoder view so that individual songs from the longer
          'whole show' track could be selected, fade in/outs, silence reviewed and then shipped out to the EXPORT (encode) function. It would be
          best to have selection zoom, zoom left/ right edge buttons also like
          in Wave edit view.
          It would be nice to be able to 'drill' back to raw waves in Wave editor view with this same time window selected to correct the raw waves before returning and exporting.

          Fred Wahl

          ps Anyone have experience with SurCode DTS-CD?
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            MusicConductor Level 3
            Fred, SurCode DTS-CD is a simple, effective, and easy program that has provided me perfect results every time. Recommended!
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              Level 1
              I did order and try out SurCode DTS-CD. Reasonably priced at $99.
              It did work as advertised to play back encoded CDs on
              a standalone DVD player and on CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra vers
              7.3 PC software player with DTS decoder.

              However I could not get its Monitor feature to work with
              Win XP SP2 and a TurtleBeach Montego DDL sound card.
              SurCode DTS-CD Pro does not support the intermediate and modern
              Windows sound card drivers. This would be useful before one
              burns the CD. DTS-CD Pro was said by their tech support to
              require MME sound card drivers which have high latency, etc.
              Aparently the Mongego DDL does not have the older MME drivers.
              Montego is only a 16bit card.

              We need SurCode to update their product to support the
              more modern MS drivers, Such as DirectX or DirectSound type.

              Please support me in encouraging SurCode to update this product.