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    an option for disabling the initial splash screen would be nice

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      I hate it when I initialize some program and push something else in front
      for best flow while it initializes, such as a making a follow up on this
      board, and I then get a splash screen drawn in front of everything that
      blocks my view and stops my workflow.

      They are all fine and well and fancy, and no doubt someone likes them enough
      to use incredible amounts of developers time in making them, but in my world
      only unregistred shareware has a valid reason for not being allowing the
      user to disable the splash screen for a visually silent load. With shopware
      or registred shareware or freeware like Adobe Reader insisting on a splash
      screen is to exhibit virus or even realplayer like behaviour by obstructing
      multitasking. It is as bad as if the startup was hardcoded to run in
      realtime priority.

      The option "silent backgrond start (slower!)" would be fine with me, I'll
      much rather click on a program-icon in the task bar to maximize the program
      once it is done loading. It is unknown to me whether also dropping program
      taskpri by 1 during load would be usable ... it could lead to a wait 4ever
      in case of some CPU hog running concurrently, but it would also make it
      easier to start it via the "start" folder if it waited politely.

      It is unfortunate that the OS does not offer a sequencing of the programs in
      that folder via a bootpri variable, but that the OS is flawed should not
      prevent good common sense .... O;-)

      Kind regards

      Peter Larsen