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    file corruption prevention by adding an error-handler for the situation "drive vanished"

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      Hi Guys,

      crossposting is not possible it seems, so here is a copy of my recent follow
      up to a question in adobe.audition.windows ...

      WBTN_WBTN@adobeforums.com wrote:

      > Help! This problem developed not on one computer, but on
      > two...networked together. Recorded audio, when attempting to
      > playback, is mis-arranged, meaning that what was recorded at the end
      > shows up in quick snippets in the beginning; audio playback sounds
      > like a CD skipping; where there is a waveform on the screen there is
      > no audio, where there isn't a waveform, there is audio. This is a
      > massive issue, for it renders any recording completely useless. Any
      > ideas?

      Sound card driver may be at fault, first time I experienced it it was
      solved by upgrading the awe32 driver, way long time ago, I think it was with
      CoolEdit96 it happened.

      My recent experience is however that this type of corruption usually happens
      when the drive the file is opened from disappears. What I did was to sample
      rate convert a file I had opened from a network location and then turn the
      resource off because I now would be using the version in the temp folder. No
      go, exactly the described file corruption, obviously becauase of an overflow
      caused by the division by zero error of a network location disappearing.

      Move or copy the file to the computer you intend open it on and open it from
      the local disk. I hope they read this as a handler for the situation "drive
      vanished" could be useful, I crosspost - if possible - to adobe.audition3.fr
      (feature request) if possible from the nntp interface.

      Kind regards

      Peter Larsen