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    Music XML Import & Export

      I use Sibelius for composing scores and would love to see audition support music xml import to the midi sequencer for final production to audio instead of requesting native notation features within AA. At the same time on a related feature request, I would also like to see AA support vsti midi automation with curves(?!?), for the final sculpting tasks towards post-production audio. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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          As a long-time Finale user, I'd second this request. It would be an amazing way to import MIDI data into Audition.

          Having said that, Audition's MIDI capabilities are still primitive enough to cause problems with XML import -- too many unanswered variables, perhaps. And this
          i sounds
          like a complicated feature to implement. But all in all, a great idea.

          How about Music XML
          i export
          also, so our MIDI compositions made in Audition can be read into Sibelius or Finale for editing and printing?
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            Yes export too definitiely! I agree that the midi editing needs to be beefed up, and hopefully it will.