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    Mouse wheel to zoom in or out

      I've already submitted this feature request through the official form. But I got a "page cannot be displayed" upon clicking the SUBMIT button, so I'm not sure if it got through.

      In both the Edit View and Multi-Track View, I'd like to be able to zoom in and out using the Mouse Wheel. Wheel forward (toward the computer monitor) to zoom in. Wheel back (away from the computer monitor) to zoom out.

      Now, this is critical: Currently in Adobe Audition, you can zoom in and out using the Mouse Wheel when holding down the CTRL key while wheeling. BUT...it merely zooms in to the center of the screen, not to a specific, user-identified point, which makes this method of zooming virtually useless. Face it, whenever you're zooming in, you're always wanting to zoom in to something SPECIFIC. This zoom feature needs to be modified so that when wheeling forward, you don't merely zoom in to the center of the screen, but to where the play head is (the dotted yellow line, where you click on the screen).

      Virtually every other audio editor on the market has some way to zoom in to a specific point using the mouse wheel. Audition's failure to provide this features renders it a clumsy and cumbersome choice to do simple voice track editing.

      Thank you for considering this feature.

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          I'm still on AA2 but if the behavior is the same it zooms where your mouse pointer is.

          My problem with zoom is that it is not the same in edit and track view, I would like an option to have the mouse wheel zoom in both views WITHOUT a modifier key.

          Is it possible in 3?

          It's very annoying because in track view I copy clips inadvertently and in edit view I zoom vertically when I want to zoom horizontally.

          I need to go very fasy (Radio production).

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            the_dirk77 Level 1
            Correct me if im wrong but you can zoom with just the mousewheel by holding it above the horizontal and vertical scrollbars or timelines/amplitudes and then roll the mousewheel
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              Richard FDisk Level 1
              if I want to mouse wheel zoom in on a specific point I have to put the yellow vertical bar on the actual part of the wav I'm looking @ and then position the mouse directly over the exact same point and then zoom / roll the wheel and viola it brings that point in the file in or out
              if the mouse pointer is on either side of the yellow vertical bar then it pushes the bar away from the zoomed area.
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                Floyd King Level 1
                Even easier than that...
                If you place the mouse curser in the scroll area above the
                wave images and spin the mouse wheel, the area of the wave
                directly below the curser will zoom.
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                  Level 1
                  I bound 'View Zoom To Selection' to the letter Z for when I want zoom precisly on a certain point or when I want to zoom close to the begining or end of a file. I find it usesfull because if you make no selection it will zoom to the time line (yellow bar)but if make a seletion it will zoom that selection to full screen.