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    "Show Marker List Panel" question.

      After assigning cue points followed by opening the "Show Marker List Panel" in order to assign file names for the batch option, a narrow edit panel opens on the right hand side.

      I preferred the edit panel to open on the bottom as in Aud 1.5,in addition, adjustments must be made to make it wider. After making the edit and shutting down the panel for additional file edits, when re-opened the edit panel returns to the same narrow size requiring adjustments again.

      Can the edit panel be routed to the bottom of the SMLP? It is simply too wide otherwise.

      Failing this, can the adjustments be carried forward for every view unless re-adjusted?

      Thank you
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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional
          You can have the Marker List open any size and anywhere you like. It sounds as if you have got it docked to the side of the Edit View panel. You need to right click on the top left tab on the Marker Panel and undock it. Then you can do what you like with it and it should then be the same each time you open it.
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            Thank you very much for replying, however, I'm afraid I did not fully describe the problem. The panel is not docked; I open it from the on-board icon. I have no problems maintaining the panel size, instead, I have a problem maintaining the size of the edit panel that is opened inside the Marker List panel. I make adjustments to open it as I wish, however, after shutdown and reopen, it reverts to the previous size.

            I would prefer to have the edit panel on the bottom, as it was in AA1.5 instead of the left side.

            Thank you