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      As a frequent live show recordist, I would like to propose an addition to AA4 for us who record live. The first company that implements this addition will OWN the live recording DAW market. OK, here it is:

      Give Audition a setup set for live recording that does the following:
      1. In record mode, all functions of the program are locked except stop. No zoom, no scroll, nothing but record with perhaps full-screen multitrack metering so levels could be externally adjusted if necessary.

      2. In record mode, hooks to Windows background functions are made to exclude them; the mouse becomes inoperable, keyboard polling is disabled except for a user-chosen stop key, etc.
          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional
          Whilst I quite like the idea, I think that it's important to make the point that at the very least, the use of this provision has to be optional, and I don't think that it's trouble-free either...

          Firstly, everybody trying to record stuff like Skype-based interviews will have a few problems. But more importantly, I wouldn't like the desk-top mixer for my MOTU traveler to be inaccessible, either - and that goes for when I want nothing else interrupting a recording. I often use this for creating the two-track output to a backup recorder, and often I need to be able to vary that mix whilst Audition continues to record.
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            The suggestion implies no uses for people who are recording at home or small projects of any kind. For those, the normal operation of Audition is already close to perfect. But for big shows and once in a lifetime events where THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS GETTING THE RECORDING RELIABLY, this added function would be applicable, and most highly sought by people who record important events and for whom recording failures are most undesirable. Those folks set up their recordings ahead of time, do their calibrations ahead of time, set their levels ahead of time, and should not need access to things they are routinely in the habit of setting up ahead of time, before pressing "RECORD."
              SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional
              Whilst all of that's true, it doesn't cover all recording situations in the slightest, and certainly doesn't cover some of the ones that I do, where the *last* thing you need is all the mics up all of the time. If you want to travel light - ie, without an external mixer - then you need to be able to access the one in the traveler easily, if only to control what's sent to the 2-track. And if you record one-off variety performances, where levels are all over the place, and invariably you don't want intrusive noise from unused mics, then this sort of access is essential. Whilst you may have the luxury of only recording well-organised events where everything is planned and set up from the start, not everybody does...

              But when I'm recording rather better-organised one-off events where there's no sense of unwanted mic sounds, that approach is fine, certainly. But when I do that, Audition is only the backup anyway; the main recorder is an Alesis HD24XR, which is more reliable than any software-based system will ever be.

              So, I think that the suggestion's fine - but I think that I'd want the option to be able to nominate an app as 'excluded' - if you see what I mean.
                I use an Alesis HD24 myself for live recording. It's reliable, and hasn't falied me yet (knock on wood).