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    Automatic Backup of session file feature

      This has always been a life saver for me when I've used protools. If anything goes wrong with the session file, I know I won't lose more than 10m minutes because the program automatically saves heaps of backup session files every 10 mins in a conveniently labelled back-up folder.

      I do Love adobe Audition, and have been considering ditching Protools altogether for Audition but recently I have lost an entire days work because I had not manually made a backup session file...something I've never had to do until Adobe Audition 3.0 because the previous verions have been relatively stable and this problem never occured. Tonight in 3.0 my file became corrupted somehow... a strange error about ....ccp379. I guess I had become complacent with the auto backup feature in protools. I lost my entire days work today, and I wonder if it is too much to ask that there be some form of automatic backup of session files to an obvious folder in the next Adobe Audition update or service pack? The continue where you left off feature gave me a blank session file because the crash occured after I had saved and was closing the session... all files where closed, the recovery file had nothing in it??
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          Joe Rodgers Level 1
          Yeah, I miss this as well. I always felt safe in previous versions and it saved my butt more than once.
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            SuiteSpot Level 4
            Autosave sounds like a good thing especially if you've just lost a heap of work. I guess there are issues around autosaving 20+ 32bit wav files while you are currently recording, editing or whatever.

            I'm not sure if just autosaving the session file will work if everything else is trashed?

            Many of us have certainly lost some data and not just with AA but any product. It certainly is good practice to hit the save button every now and then even with an autosave feature.

            Anyway, good idea- I'm sure the back room boys at Adobe can work this one out :-)
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              SuiteSpot Level 4
              Hmmmm, since my last post on this topic and for the first time in a long time I just had a crash that cost me quite a few hours.

              Working in multitrack view everything had been recorded and I was doing quite a bit of editing and tuning of a vocal track.

              I lost all the comping of the vocal takes but I was able to redo the comping after a few hours.

              So I guess I have to reinforce autosaving option of the session file would be a good thing and probably would have helped in these particular circumstances.