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    Better file management in the file window

    RonNovy Level 2
      The ability to rename files in the file menu and DELETE unused files in the session folder.

      A clean session folder button or something would be cool too ;)

      It is the 'File' window right? So...

      I just hate having to open the session folder and delete unused files by hand...
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          SuiteSpot Level 4
          Originally I would have agreed with this and like others have written a utility to deal with this problem - you can download it for free at http://www.suitespotstudios.com/MediaSweeper.htm

          However it has become clear to me that while not impossible for the programmers to achieve within AA it does leave AA open to deleting files which are also used in other sessions (refer to radio industry users cal difalco, "Clean Up Those Unused Media Files!" #10, 14 Apr 2008 4:44 pm) or files which are stored in other locations (session has been moved but the session contains a path to files which are now located elsewhere) and a whole heap of other scenarios which I certainly would not have realised existed before writing this utility.

          AA3 copped a bagging in a recent Aussie mag for the absence of this very feature - quite unjustly I believe.

          IMO the programmers could be best utilised on a heap of less volatile enhancements.
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            Floyd King Level 1
            After using 3.0 for a few months now, and mostly liking what I have,
            I'll list the absence of being able to delete files from within
            AA as my most major annoyance.

            I want to be able to have the option of deleting files I remove
            from the project at the time I remove them.

            If I make a mistake then I'll gladly pay the price for
            that infrequent occurance.

            There could be a check box "don't ask again" for those that
            don't want to use this convenience.

            Other software provides this option and I think it could be
            implemented in a way that allows us to use it if we wish without
            bothering those that don't.

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              SuiteSpot Level 4
              Hey it would be great if they could do some sort of auto cleanup button type thing.

              What I found is you have users accidentally saving files in folders they don't realise which means if you'e cleaning up that directory you've just deleted a file you didn't realise belonged in another session.

              You have files belonging in multiple sessions (not me but this is a normal thing for radio users apparently)

              There are users who have files in their projects which don't belong in the session but they do not want them deleted (lyrics, track setup, notes etc etc)

              If you are doing certain types of recording you can easily create hundreds of 'unused' files and a 'delete all' versus manually checking each one - neither is much good.

              There are a heap of other scenarios which I certainly had never thought of.

              "Ooops" is a bit late once you have deleted something you can't replicate maybe a 'move' option would be best?

              In the beginning I wanted this sort of feature - not now knowing what I know now.

              Just my opinion and not because I wrote this utility - if this functionality existed in AA then there would be no need for my utility and other utilities provided by third parties.