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    Ability to Frame Step Through Multitrack Timeline

    Stephen P Simpson Level 1
      Just submitted:

      It is requested that the following facility be made available:
      To configure any of the keyboard buttons to enable stepping forwards and backwards along the Multitrack timeline in time increments of 1 video frame, synchronized to video frame boundaries, irrespective of the amount of temporal zoom of the timeline.
      This ability should be made available simultaneously with the current mode of movement of the timeline cursor using currently assigned keys. In other words, if the user wishes to move a few frames they can tap the appropriately-assigned key to do so, and then tap another appropriately-assigned key (say, the left-arrow or right-arrow) to nudge the cursor by a freely variable amount, as is currently the case.

      This would be enormously useful to me when conforming double-system sound files to a video workprint, and also when spotting sync points for sound effects. My workflow would be sped up greatly as a result.