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    Request Ability to Export Part Sessions From, & Import Sessions Into, Current Session

    Stephen P Simpson Level 1
      Just submitted:

      Request for Ability to Export Part Sessions From, & Import Sessions Into, Current Session.

      It is requested that the facility be made available to:

      Define a time range anywhere within a current session and be able to export it as a separate session, retaining all the properties of the session contained within that range;
      Place the cursor anywhere on an existing session timeline and insert any chosen session at that point, the existing session information on the right-hand side of the insertion point being shifted rightwards. The user's attention should be brought to any problems that may arise and they should be given a choice of action to perform; e.g. if the amalgamation of the sessions would result in there being more than the limit of 63 groups, would the user prefer to abort the import in order to manually sort out the groupings, or should the imported session lose all its grouping information? etc.

      This facility would be enormously useful to post production sound personnel where the video editor:

      Edits scenes and maintains them as separate entities until they are assembled as a working cut, meanwhile expecting post production sound for the separate scenes;
      Inserts new visual content into a project timeline;
      Rearranges existing visual timeline content.

      It is appreciated that the concept of session import is not trivial.