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    close a window


      Though I already checked some old forum answers here but didn't help.
      on (release) { getURL("javascript:window.close()"); is the code I have to assigned to the close button but it doesn't work neither gives an error alert. I want to close the window from within the flash movie.

      Thanks for your help
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          blemmo Level 1

          try getURL("javascript:close()"), although this should be quite the same as getURL("javascript:window.close()").
          The problem with this js is that it won't close windows that have a history, so it only works safely on windows that were opened by your movie before. If the user had other sites in that window before your site, it won't close it.
          And of course it's only for browser windows, not standalone swf windows.

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            Astara2 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply
            It gives this pop-up message that I need to do some setting changes in my flash player and that is only for Firefox. I did that as well and not working yet. With IE no reply at all.