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    ambiguous illogical vocabulary used, export terminology, please fix

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      crossposting the relevant context does not seem to work via nntp, probably
      by design ....

      > What I'm trying to do is export the Multitrack composition to a
      > single file so it can be played in other programs or burnt to a CD.

      Ie. make a mixdown, it is ambiguous to use the word export for that, imo a
      user interface bug, export should be used to export contiguous files of
      tracks that consist of many clips and with the option choice of having it
      done raw or with track effects applied.

      From this follows the enhancement request that:

      save and saveas in edit view includes metadata

      export in edit view excludes metadata

      mixdown in multitrack view should go back to be called mixdown, it is a
      foggy concept to call it export, export is needed for a different
      functionality, see below. It is GOOD that mixdown, currently mislabeled
      export, asks for a filename instead of just opening the file in edit view,
      great improvement!

      export in edit view should come in two flavours, ie. with or without track
      effects applied and should output all tracks as contiguous files starting at
      offset zero.

      Kind regards

      Peter Larsen