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      Please read the following observations.

      1. In the drum xg-editor of XGWorks there are pictures of the drum instruments. If you click on the hi hat, you can see how it moves.

      2. On the Phase Analysis panel using Histogram (Log Zoom) view in AU, you can see the smooth rhythm movements of the phase image.

      From these two points you can say, that it is not difficult to make an animation of a dancer. You can than make his head moves on the hi hat rhythm, his hands two times the tempo of the hi hat, his legs step forward on the snare, and so on.
      But the interesting thing of all this, is that the animation dancer can really do difficult things e.g. circle-movements with the head, while swinging his hip.

      But the most interesting thing of all this, is that this feature must be in AU, and not in another creative suite. Because it is for the use of the music made in AU.