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      I have posted the following on the Premiere Elements forum.

      The urgent need to adjust bigger letters and knobs and so for the appearance for 1024_768 resolution. If you choose 800_600, you can not see some parts or the whole window.
      I have tried in Windows Appearance, but nothing helped; only Adobe Audition reacts partly to that. Partly, because some panels have very small letters and others very very small.

      The Argu's Pro (professional arguments) are:

      1. When using big fat ones, I can work longer. Let's say, with small ones I work 2 hours pleasant and with big ones I work 3 hours pleasant. And that matters!
      Very small ones sometimes even gives me headache.

      2. When using big fat ones, you don't have to sit too close to the unhealthy monitor.

      3. When using big fat ones, you comfortably can lean back or even lay in your bed.

      4. When using big fat ones, you are saving energy and 'liveliness' for your ears.