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    Clip Duplicate

    SuiteSpot Level 4
      One thing that annoys me more than flies around a barbie is the default repitions (ie 2) when duplicating clips.

      I've looked but I don't see an option for setting my own default which is always 1.

      If this option (which I can't find) doesn't exist can we please have that in the next version :-)

      PS I know it's not a big thing but sometimes its the little things....
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          Joe Rodgers Level 1
          oh yes!! I agree heartily here. It is only about 10 percent of the time that I ever want more than one duplicate and it is annoying to have to change this every time. However, once the session is opened and you have set it to 1 it does stay at 1 until changed or session is closed.
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            SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional
            >I've looked but I don't see an option...

            I don't know how it's going to pan out, but the developers are aware that as far as I'm concerned there are quite a few options that users should be allowed to set for themselves, this one being no exception.