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    Linking clips between Files Pane and Session Window.

      Hello Group. See also "Group Name or Recall" by Steve Duff in a recent posting for similar feature requests.

      I mostly use AA for Sound Effects Work.

      Mulit-track view:

      Two things -
      One, I would like a quick way to highlight all files in the Files pane that are actually in use in the session. I often have many files open for quick access but not necessarily in the session yet. Perhaps an on / off button that highlights files currently in use. This helps to see which "experimental" files are in the session. It just helps keep track of the many small files that I am trying out during a SFX session. I know I can "close unused media" and I do use this function, but I like to keep files open for quick access as I experiment.

      Second, a quick way to click on a file in the Files Pane and easily see where it is in use in the multi track session. A file can be used many times, in many places throughout a session. It's helpful to quickly see and jump around to where it is being used. One way to execute this might be to click on the file in the file pane then press the CTRL button and scroll the mouse wheel. Each click of the scroll wheel would take you to the next use of the file, forwards or backwards, keeping the same relative width of view in your session. Or another way would be to Right click a
      file in the file pane and have an option that says "find file". Then the file (or files) would "flash" or change color so you can find it throughout the session as you scroll through. A simple click on the file in the files pane again stops the Highlighting. Or simply double clicking the file while holding the CTRL button. Instead of jumping to Edit view as it does whether or not you hold CTRL, it could jump to each use of the file keeping your current View Range.

      Does this make sense to others???
      I usually use AA to add or edit lots of small sound effects files into a soundtrack or movie file. I have lots of files open in the files pane so I can experiment. A quick reference to link files listed in the Files window to the actual files in the multi track session would be helpful to my use.

      If you have Tips for achieving these objectives, please post them.