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    Don't key to the hard drive serial number, key to something else

    Richard FDisk Level 1
      that's basically it
      (I have currently have AA2 looking at AA3 for a new machine)

      Don't key to the hard drive serial number;

      the hard drive is the least reliable component of current PCs

      in the old days of computers {80-86, 80-186, 80-286, 80-386}
      something else always fried before the drive,
      way back then when your PC started to go on the fritz, you took out the drive and put it into your new machine,
      now it's always the drive(s) that get replaced first,

      it would be better to key to the NIC serial
      or to key to the MB serial like windows does,

      anything but the HDD

      I have a machine that I had built in Feb. 2007 that has already fried 2 drives (about to be 3), how long before I get the nasty little window "Too Many Activations" when it's still the same install on the same machine restored from the Backup Image, even windows doesn't freak at me, because it's the same machine just different drive.

      and usually when the drive craps out there's not a chance to apply the "Transfer Activation" from the menu.

      my apologies if this has been changed in AA3