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    Wider grouping capabilities

    the_dirk77 Level 1
      I mix a lot in audition, and its a bit of a pain when I want to group, lets say the drum tracks, and send them all to a bus. I have to change every output to the drumbus, which takes a lot of time. Sometimes I have over 70 tracks which all need to be grouped. So to speed up things a little I would like to see better grouping capabilities. For instance, selecting the right tracks all at once and then with one click route them to a group bus. Even collapsing a group would be a nice addition (for me).This would make the workflow much easier.
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          SuiteSpot Level 4
          Great suggestion Drik
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            Ozpeter Level 1
            Folders? You put one new track about the drum tracks (or whatever) and designate that as the folder track. You also designate the last drum track as the end of the folder track. All the tracks in the folder feed through the topmost track. A couple of mouse clicks and you're done. The tracks in the folder are indented or otherwise denoted in the track control panel in the waveform window.

            Unfortunately, not currently available in Audition. But would be nice next time round.
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              SuiteSpot Level 4
              Folders Ozpeter? It must be me but I have no idea what you are saying - can you illucidate?
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                Ozpeter Level 1
                Heh, I thought I'd spelt it out... :) Say you want to put 10 tracks through a bus track. Instead of directing each to the bus, the bus track is deemed a folder track and the tracks to be sent to it are put into the folder en bloc - just indicate in the UI which is the last track to be included in the folder. In good implementations you can create folders within the folder - say all the cymbal mics could be in a sub folder of the drums folder. Or whatever.

                Then you can set the overall level of the tracks in the folder in the top track, and put whatever FX you want into that track if you want to apply that effect to the lot.

                Then of course one can have tracks acting as VCA tracks, but that's a whole other way of doing things.

                To repeat, these are things which could be added to Audition, they're not yet there.

                Personally I tend to stick to a stereo pair and thus the whole problem is avoided!
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                  RonNovy Level 2
                  Sounds like 'Sub-mixers' to me Ozpeter... I like the idea.

                  [edit] I don't know about the whole VCA tracks though...

                  [edit] If the per-track panning and per-track eq were plug-ins (and you could have more then just a stereo master channel) then you could have surround sound clips in the mixers... But I think too much. :/