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    multi-session CD capability

      So that an audio Cd can be 'left open' to allow data files to be added in other software and so created a CD-extra. At the moment I have to take my CD tracks as separate files and import them to other kit (I use SADiE but have to hire a facility to do it). Audition is great writing the CDs (easier and much cheaper than SADiE) but it would be even better if it could leave them open as multi-session discs.

      Audition 3.0 on Vista 32-bit, dual-core Athlon 5600+.
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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional
          >So that an audio Cd can be 'left open' to allow data files to be added in other software and so created a CD-extra.

          Sorry, not allowed in the official Philips/Sony audio CD Red Book specification, so it won't happen. CD audio has to be written DAO - which completely precludes an 'open' CD.
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            MusicConductor Level 3
            CDRWIN by Goldenhawk will allow this - the first session with audio is written DAO, and a second session is "opened" during that burn. You then subsequently write a second session with data.

            Not all drives are compatible with this, but usually works great for me. Don't expect audio extraction to always work though -- a CD player will see the audio session, and a computer drive will prefer the data session.
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              Ozpeter Level 1
              I did a quick google the other day and came up with some hits that appeared to imply that there is freeware out there for 'CD-extra' burning. I leave it to interested parties to do similar research if desired.
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                MusicConductor Level 3
                OK, just so happens that I had some multisession work to do and had a terrible time with CDRWIN. (Just for the record, having an audio CD session followed by a data session is correctly termed "Enchanced CD.") So it's possible to do certain things with CDRWIN, but getting the second session written AND readable by the CD-ROM drive simply doesn't work. Roxio will write Enhanced-CDs, but my old version only allows 8.3 file names, which is useless. So keep searching.
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                  SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional
                  It's all these problems that effectively mean that the audio-only cd creation facilities in Audition, which do exactly what they say on the tin, are extremely likely to stay, certainly in terms of what can be written, just as they are at present!
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                    (Mike_Jiggins) Level 1
                    Thanks guys. I guess I'll just continue with the SADiE route as it writes orang book fine and I then use Nero to write the data session. Haven't had any problems with the resulting discs, audio plays in audio Cd players and on PCs, data available by exploring the disc. Just would have been nice to skip the extra time and cost involved hiring a SADiE suite occasionally...
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                      RedBook is 16 bit, 44.1

                      Itunes wont burn RedBook - But nero will. dont know about windows media player (weeelllll maybe cuz it has the conversion options....hmm)


                      There is a GOOD program for burning your RedBook Cds later to be duplicated. It wont burn it if each track isnt red book quality, just make sure you turn off all the "Auto-Volume adjusment" and dither, considering youve already mastered your ****. Its called "Burrrn". Vert Nice



                      And Mike, It is possible. I found adobe's CD Burner  very unreliable


                      Google InfraRecorder...You can burn any type, Data CD, Audio CD, Redbook, DVD, and burn it DAO (redbook) or Session- At- Once....OR you can burn in Track at once and Come back later to Finalize the track after you deleted what you want off the open cd. As long as they are all 16 bit 44.1 wavs - then you finalize, youre good, i used infrarecorder last time for my mixtape and had no problems getting it duplicated.



                      edit - go here for 99% of what they wont tell u in school about CD's and burning CD's...


                      All they told me bout in school was the mastering, duplication, how a cd works, tha laquer on it, the pressing preocess, etc: