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    Flex 3 Build Question

      Im not sure if the what I am asking for is called the build or the development environment but basically I want to know from the professional level guys this:

      If you had it all over to do again and were just getting into the game. What road(eg lanugage, framework, component, api, etc) would you go? I have spent the last 4 days weeding through ten billion components, frameworks, examples, source codes, server options, languages, I mean i am exhausted and I havent even started learning yet. Bc every time i think I find a tutorial I am asked to install some other software or change my configuration. I am completely lost now. I have been teaching myself for about a year now and what started out as a weekend project has turned into a true passion that i want to pursue. However, I find in the internet community there are an abundance of examples but no real direction. So i find myself although having fun "learning" new software etc I am finding i have no real depth. Rather patching together other peoples work. I apologize for the verbose nature of the post. I am just hoping that it will get some feed back on how i should map out my flex learning journey.(like focus on CF bc xyz or abc framework is where you should focus your energy)

      Hope this is clear. I want to thank yall in advance for any guidance you could lend me, Anderson