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    How do you route sequencer material to different ports in Audition 3?

    Ozpeter Level 1

      "Durin" from Adobe wrote:-



      "This first implementation is limited to one global MIDI port. Each channel is broadcast on all ports enabled in the hardware preference manager. This was not our preferred behavior, and is one we intend to address in the next release.



      The short explanation comes down to time and choosing which features were prioritized over others. As our goal with this release was not to create a full-featured MIDI editor but a VSTi-based sequencer with basic MIDI support for controllers and keyboards, some of the more advanced features MIDI offers had to be deferred in favor of ensuring our VSTi support was solid and robust.



      I've already written up feature designs to implement multiple ports, sophisticated hardware routing and assignments, and full SYSEX and Patch support, and it's my hope that our next release can continue to beef this sequencer up and make it as valuable as the rest of the application. If you have suggestions or a wishlist of features you'd like to see, please share them either in the forums or privately to sndbugs@adobe.com "