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    Admin and Editing Problems, Help!

      New to Contribute, so sorry if this seems a little muddled.
      Have built a Dreamweaver site for client who now wants to edit, hence Contribute.
      Bought software and installed on client's PC with me as 'administrator' and him as 'user' , established connection and successfully edited and published two different DW (from a template) pages.
      Problem arose when we tried to edit a third page which contains a form (using formmail). There are certain fields in the form which a both editable and pre-filled, unfortunately the editing cursor cannot be placed within a box only outside of it, so the content cannot be altered. This is true for all fields in the form!

      I have tried to re-login as administrator and examine editing settings but now Contribute has defaulted to the 'user' settings and when click Edit>Administer Websites, there are 'no websites' and I cannot get back to Administrators settings.

      I'm sure that I've made a basic mistake somewhere, but now am stuck! The form problem seems curious, I cannot find any reference in the help files.
      Your advice and patience would be appreciated.