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    "Adobe Bridge has stopped working"

      This is the message I get when I try to run Bridge. I'm running it on Vista, under CS3. This has happened to me before, and, I recall having to uninstall and re-install CS3 three or four times. No fun at all.
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          Curt Y Level 7
          Don't do that. What you need to do is reset preferences as a file is corrupted. Hold down Ctrl key when starting Bridge. If successful you will get a Reset Window. Choose all three options.
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            I am having the same problem. If I reset the preferences, will I lose the keywords that I have set up inside Bridge? (I know that I will not lose them in the pictures files.)
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              Curt Y Level 7
              Will not affect keywords. Not sure what all it does, but it does erase cache so that will rebuild as you revisit the folders.
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                i just did a complete format and reinstal of XP Pro SP3, activated Creative Suite CS3 Standard. NOTHING else installed on the computer other than CS3. opened bridge and within seconds got the window "..has stopped working..."

                any fixes out there?
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                  Curt Y Level 7
                  Have you reset the preferences by holding down Ctrl when opening Bridge?

                  Re-installing Bridge does not affect preferences file.
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                    curt, thanks for your reply. i'm running XPP/SP3, just bought it before they disappear in january. i've downloaded all the most recent updates from adobe and right now the app seems to have stabilised, after opening with the CTRL key down. i want to isolate the issue as much as poss s i'll do one thing at a time. the video card is the next thing to try if this isn't working. trouble is, the video card is the core of this computer, a new xfx 9600/512 card and all i do on this computer is photoshop and premiere pro, bith CS3 versions and legal.

                    if this upgrade cures it i will post the fact and if not i will post again with my procedure. i think by now adobe are aware of the problem. i know others with it and they do not post on the forums. i have the same issue with Bridge, all in the same instalment package. have had acrobat probs recently but they went away with the upgrade a few months back. irony is, this is an on-going prob for the last eight months. getting adobe panama or calcutta or wherever to give me more and more activation codes for the same software and same machine is getting to be a joke and requires long conversations. when the crash happens, a screen that says "encountered a problem..." i can't even get to the dialogue box to see the error message details nor can i get into CS3 to de-activate.

                    i will post this same response in the InDesign forum, as it is an identical current proble,.

                    cheers, daniel jenkins, metung, australia
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                      fyi, installing the upgrades seems to have solved the problems both in Bridge as well as InDesign...

                      thnaks, all, daniel jenkins, oz
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                        I have a similar problem. I cannot start Bridge at all. I've had a problem like this before and clearing the Cache helped. But this time nothing seems to do it. I am just un-installing Photoshop CS3 to then reinstall it tomorrow.
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                          John Joslin Level 6
                          The time consuming practice of un-installing and re-installing Photoshop rarely helps because certain files and folders, created after the installation, will remain unchanged.

                          Very often, resetting preferences properly fixes problems.

                          Also, Bridge sometimes fails to start because another invisible instance is running. This can be ended using Task Manager and all will be well.
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                            Level 1
                            Thanks John Joslin.
                            Now that I have re-installed Bridge it is working fine. I think I just have to be much more patient with the tool when it loads folders with a lot of pictures. It gets upset easily, it appears.....
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                              John Joslin Level 6
                              To be exact, it gets upset if you try to do something in Bridge while that little disc is rotating right down at the bottom left. You see it while the thumbnails for a new or changed folder are being built and cached. It stops (and disappears when the operation is finished).
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                                Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
                                Well, I cannot start Bridge at all, and using Ctrl Start does nothing. Ctrl Alt Shift only brings up Properties.

                                I had a significant problem with starting almost half of the programs and apps, which was ultimately traceable to Startup settings. MS advised to uncheck all Startup entries after running msconfig, and then removing all references to these items in the Registry. Now all is well except (AFAIK!) Bridge.

                                Even before cleaning up Startup, I could run PS, but not Bridge.
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                                  Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
                                  Hmmm, the advice here:


                                  Works, but until yesterday, I didn't have a problem with any of this stuff.

                                  i'm going to have to write Panda AV, or get rid of it entirely.
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                                    My Bridge just stopped working today, when I try to start it I get the message "Bridge.exe-entry point not found. I tried holding control down while launching, and reloading cs3, still no help.
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                                      To access the dialogbox where you can reset the preferences to default setup, it is not enough to hold down the control key (CTRL) when you start up brigde (CS3). I found this explanation in the "Frequently asked question"-forum for adobe brigde for windows
                                      What you must do is to hold down both the control key, the alt key and the shift key and then start up brigde. Keep the keys down until a new dialog box appear!
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                                        John Joslin Level 6
                                        > What you must do is to hold down both the control key, the alt key and the shift key and then start up brigde. Keep the keys down until a new dialog box appear

                                        That is old information and does not apply to CS3 where, in my experience, it does not work. You have to press, and keep depressed, the Ctrl key until you get a dialog.
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                                          David C Johnson Level 1
                                          Ctrl+Alt+Shift DOES apply to CS3 and does work with Bridge. I have to do it about weekly.
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                                            Curt Y Level 7
                                            With my CS3 I can use both methods and get reset window. Using just the Ctrl key is easier, but if that does not work then certainly try the Ctrl Alt Shift method which goes back to the CR2 days.

                                            As numerous posts have shown the use of Crtl Alt Shift does not work with many users of CS3.
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                                              Bridge has always been unstable, but after completing a MS upgrade today (Vista 32-bit with CS3) it's now totally unusable. I just finished clearing out the cache, resetting my preferences, and setting things up hoping that would work...first time I clicked on an image Bridge screwed the pooch. Gee, what a surprise.

                                              This thing has crashed at least 20 times today and I now have a totally unusable POS...Do I blame MS? NO, without a doubt, the answer is NO, a thousand times NO.... This crap was flaky when Adobe pushed it out the door, now it's worse....

                                              And no, it's not MS's fault... They have to upgrade the OS...
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                                                Curt Y Level 7
                                                Guess you will have to upgrade to CS4.
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                                                  Level 1
                                                  curt, i think that was a very inappropriate response to what is quite commonly a huge problem for people who have already paid a lot of money for an application that is unashamedly unreliable and inconsistent. this is an adobe issue that adobe should be addressing with more conscience and speed than it cares to. upgrading to all the latest of the latest is not possible for a lot of people but one does expect to get value for money. my Bridge CS3 has cleared up by installing the current updates on one machine but not on another running the same op sys and apps and legal versions of everything. so i just avoid Bridge on the other machine. i have opted to go to Lightroom2 for the machine Bridge doesn't run on but it is also adobe and one does begin to feel a gross lack of confidence in a company that buys up other companies then leaves the clients to rot in their problems. this forum is helpful on many levels but spending good money to fix a problem that bad money bought is not a solution. where is the gurantee that CS 4 won't be as unstable and inconsistent as CS3?

                                                  daniel jenkins
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                                                    Curt Y Level 7
                                                    Daniel - I agree that CS3 is unstable, especially on older computers. It has always felt like a Beta version to me. I have to hope that most of the user complaints have been taken to heart and solved. With new features there will be other conflicts.

                                                    There is no guarantee that there will not be bugs in CS4. In fact you should expect it. Have you ever heard of a software version that had none? Windows products are particularly bad for this as owners' machines can have almost an infinite array of software and hardware combinations that can cause unintended conflicts between programs. As you stated one computer works another does not, they are not exactly the same, so there is a conflict somewhere. Your upgrade of the OS and the resultant problems just reinforces this concept of conflicts. When one program changes it code it forces all others to change as well.

                                                    All software manufacturers upgrade their products. The introduction of a new version puts a death sentence on the old versions. Updates of Windows XP are on there last gasps if Microsoft has their way. So it is with CS3, don't expect any updates now that CS4 is out. If it works as you want that is OK. If it does not you have to either upgrade or find another product.

                                                    Watch this forum in the coming weeks. As users move to CS4 we all are anxious to see how many complaints surface. I know I am, as I would like to move to CS4 it if is a much better product, but don't want to spend $200 for another turkey.
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                                                      Robert A Wallace Level 1
                                                      Curt, you have made some very interesting if not contradictory and provocative points of observation about the imminent availability of CS4 and the potential absence of fixes for issues within CS3. I agree that One size will not fit all and there are always likely to be issues to be resolved with individual users.

                                                      I cannot, however, agree with your observation that such users will either need to upgrade the CS4 (for which there are no guarantees of functionality) or find another product. You are effectively saying that Adobe can sell expensive rubbish their customers and then abandon them because they cannot or will not upgrade to even more expensive rubbish.

                                                      In my case, and in many others by the sound of things, Bridge (as part of Design Premium) has simply stopped working. I expect Adobe to address that issue and your comments are not particularly helpful to the people who experience difficulties with the functionality of the software.

                                                      It has been noted that the imminent availability of CS4 is receiving a great deal of marketing attention at present - almost to the point of Super Hype. You sound like a part of that hype.

                                                      I do not have any issues with the marketing of the new or improved product but I do have issues with CS3, which represents the here and now of the situation. The seems to be an uncomfortable silence from Adobe about this matter..................I wonder why that would be
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                                                        John Joslin Level 6
                                                        Just to be quite clear. Adobe has not been giving much attention to Bridge in CS3 for a long time. This is one of the penalties they have from working to such a tight upgrade schedule.

                                                        In fact, having got it set up correctly on my 3½ year old computer with "only" 2 GB of RAM it is perfectly OK in its last incarnation ( It is not very fast and struggles with folders containing large quantities of big files, but it works.

                                                        There is nothing special about my computer, just Win XP and regular updates.
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                                                          Curt Y Level 7
                                                          I share the pain and extreme frustration when a software program does not work, been there done that many times. I have read enough blogs here that leads me to believe it is not all Adobe's fault if it worked before and now it does not. Yes, they should be able to help track down the problem, but a program rewrite is unlikely.

                                                          I have read users comments where they try everything, including long talks to Adobe tech support, and finally the solution is a conflict with an updated or new video driver, anti-virus, Quicktime, PSEx, update to wrong folder, as well as errors in files, registry, etc.

                                                          IF IT WORKED BEFORE AND NOT NOW ONE HAS TO ASK WHAT HAS CHANGED?

                                                          Ideally when a new version comes out it fixes the old problems, and incorporates code to handle the ever changing OS, hardware, and other software upgrades. Major updates provides new user requested features that adds more problems, and of course provides new income to the company.

                                                          Computers are complex machines handling millions of lines of code, and one wrong byte can stop the whole process. But no one wants to continue use of programs and computers that existed 15 years ago, so we upgrade. But that is your choice. Yes it is costly, but divide the cost by the number of hours you use it between upgrades, and it will be cheap. If you don't use it that much then perhaps it is not worth new stuff.
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                                                            I have read this with interest and tried all suggestons to no avail - finally think I've sorted by changeing cache location then re-naming original folder - fingers crossed seemed to worked so far

                                                            Hope this helps someone...
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                                                              Thanks! Was running out of ideas and this worked! 



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                                                                So how does one go about this - are there any instructions anywhere? I have another posted problem with Bridge CS2 and am getting pretty desperate as nothing seems to make it want to work.

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                                                                  I am currently running Parallels 4.0 for Mac.  I have 2 GB of ram and a core duo 2.4 Ghz processor.  Through Parallels I am running Windows XP home edition SP3 and it runs very quickly and smoothly.  I have Adobe CS4.  Photoshop itself runs fine, but when I try to open Adobe Bridge the CPU usage jumps to 99% charge.  When it does this, the program never actually shows up. I can see the icon in the toolbar and it is on the Task Manager, but it zaps the CPU up and I don't know how to remedy this problem.  Any advice would be great.

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                                                                    I am also having this problem.  I have used the control key and checked all three boxes several times and it does not fix the problem.


                                                                    I need a step by step instructions. Can someone please help me.   Using vista with Bridge cs3