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    Add a program to Open With

      How would I go about adding a program to Bridge's Open With command.  I find that my workflow goes better with Photoshop 7 on the majority of my projects.  This has to do with what I do so please don't ask why I don't use PS CS4. <grin><br /><br />If I click on a thumbnail using the right mouse button one of the submenus is Open With and all of the choices are CS4 programs.  I want to add my Photoshop 7 to it.  I should be able to as Corel PhotoPaint is one of the choices as well.<br /><br />Thanks in Advance.
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          Curt Y Level 7
          Check out this link.

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            Thanks for the response but that thread is not exactly what I am looking for. But it may be a clue as to what is going on.

            In Windows Explorer Photoshop CS2 and CS4 shows up as one of the options. Photoshop CS2 is still installed though it is deactivated. If I go and try and add PS7 no go. I can start PS7 and then open the files from Windows Explorer or My Computer. I just cannot assign PS7 to the Open With list. Odd behavior!

            I suppose I will have to continue doing it the way I am; start PS7 and then double-click or hit enter within Win Explorer or My Computer. But it would be nice to be able in Bridge to have it in the right mouse button list.

            Wayne Webb
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              I have just overcome exactly the problem you are describing. I wanted to add Capture NX2 to the list of programs displayed by Adobe Bridge CS2 when I clicked the "Open with" option. By the way, I'm using Windows XP.

              As you have discovered, there seems no way to do it.

              It seemed to nme that the list of programs displayed was the list of JPG capable programs at the time Adobe CS2 was installed - and the program I want added to the list wasn't installed at that time.

              So I decided to re-install Adobe CS2. But when I went to uninstall before re-instaling, I was presented with the option of "repair" or remove. "Repair" sounded like a good option, so I tried it. It worked! It did something like a re-install, and it certainly found and added the program I wanted on the "Open with" list.

              Hope it works for you.

              Les Moore