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    movie clip.

      hi if i wanted to use the duplicate movie clip. how would i go about choosing where i duplicate the moveclip to?

      i want a game where enemies begin on the left side and move to the right

      any ideas?
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          AnotherRandomFlasher Level 1
          anyonehave anything??

          ill explain it all.

          ive got a movieclip, that when clicked stops moving.

          i wish to have several of that same movieclip moving across the screen at different speeds and when clicked to create a new movie clip at the beginning of the left hand side of screen. the clicked moveclip then disappears and yeah.

          so bascially its a game where u must kill enemies before they reach otherside of screen and they respawn when killed.
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            blemmo Level 1
            If you mean duplicate the MC to a certain position, you can do this with the initObject parameter of MovieClip.duplicateMovieClip():
            enemy1.duplicateMovieClip("enemy"+enemycount, enemycount, {_x:0, _y:enemy1._y});

            The last parameter is an object that holds init values for the duplicated clip. Set the position there and it gets duplicated to that position.
            Note: it's only possible with the duplicate method of MovieClip, not with the global duplicateMovieClip method.