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    using "https" for my flex application.

      Hi All,

      I have a flex application on the client side that communicates with the server side Java classes (Servlets and JSPs) using <mx:HTTPService >
      I’m using Cairngorm framework on the client side.
      My requirement is to have the communication between Browser (flex) and Server using HTTPS.
      Please let me know the procedure that I need to follow in order to configure HTTPS for my application.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          rtalton Level 4
          You can put your app on a secure server with no problems. Flex does not care. The only issue you will have is if your app tries to communicate with another domain, then you will get an error. As long as all of the assets Flex needs are located on the same domain, there will be no errors.

          There is no special configuration in Flex to use the application you've created on a secure server. It can be deployed to either an HTTP address or an HTTPS address.

          Just be sure your HTTPService calls are to the same domain as your application or you will need a cross-domain policy file placed on your webserver, and most web hosting plans do not allow you access to do this.
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            Does Flex support certificate-based mutual authentication of HTTPS (or SSL)? That means client is authenticated with a client certificate, not user id and password. Most applications only do server authentication based on server certificate. Any Flex security modules handle this?