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    Recording an Assessment

    jacereske Level 1
      I'm recording an assessment but the result is like a demonstration. Captivate is not automatically creating the clickboxes.
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          JLRiley Level 1
          You could check the Edit Preferences... Mode(s) settings for the project and make sure that the Assessment Simulation settings include clickboxes.
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            jacereske Level 1
            Thanks - I did look at that and it is checked so I'm puzzled as to why it is not working. I am wondering if it has something to do with the application I am trying to capture. It is a proprietary piece of software - windows based. I tried creating an assessment inOutlook just to test it and it worked, as it should, created the clickboxes.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Jaden

              If it's an incompatibility with the application, here is a way you may work past it. Create a remote desktop connection between the recording PC (the one with Captivate installed on it) and the PC with the application. Then use Captivate to record the remote desktop while you drive things remotely.

              Cheers... Rick
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                i don't know of you have ever seen this but I am trying to create a software training and when I select create a new project it will not let me change it from Demo mode to assesment. I have tried changing through Edit >> Preferences, as well as Through Settings on the Record popup screen but they remain greyed out and i cannot change them! I have even tried different applications to record but nothing changes.

                Has anyone seen this and worked through it ?
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                  JLRiley Level 1

                  This sounds like Captivate is not installed properly. On my version using Full Motion Recording causes the selections to grey out but I can still change them through the Settings button. Captivate 3 even allows you to make several recordings at one time by selecting the radio buttons other than Demo.

                  If all else fails, uninstall the program and reinstall using the defaults.