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    Typical Login App - Newbie question


      I am a Java programmer who is new to AIR. I am trying to create a AJAX AIR application that makes URL requests to interact with a web application that requires login to access some of its contents. It primarily uses a session cookie to store the state on server side.

      I am able to store and retrieve user's login credential on an AIR encrypted local store. Now I want to pass this to the web application to authentication. I want to make all the HTTP requests in the air app so that user sees the logged in page

      A call to this URL which includes redirects. This would be to initialize the server side state

      A call to authentication URL with username/password params in POST request

      Finally a call to

      This should all be using the same browser session so that the cookies will be sent back and forth.

      Could you please give me some pointers as to how to approach this? I am new to AIR and am unable to find right information online regarding a scenario like this using AIR AJAX client.