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    Dynamically creating states causes a memory leak.


      I've created a custom component that all children elements of are dynamically created. Adding a new child to this component will cause all other children to move and or resize. I am using states to animate this resize or movement.

      Whenever someone resizes the window, drags and drops a component adds or removes a component I need to animate this process. I'm creating states on the fly and adding them to the states array. This means however that the states array will fill up.

      I tried doing the following.

      however that means that I can't set the state to tempstate again as this is the current state name.

      My working example requires that each state is given a unique name.

      However trying to pop the state off the states array give me an error when I navigate to the next state. So I just didn't remove the state. However since the state is one shot doesn't that mean I'm just filling up memory with something that isn't necessary?

      Is there any work arround for this. Or do my animations even need states to function? (just Move and Resize effects)

      Thanks for any light you may shed on this matter.

      When adding an element to the beginning of an array I tend to reverse the array, push the element and then reverse again. Is this really the best way of doing things?