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    Can you ID this Studio MX Product #?

      This Studio MX package is on eBay right now, and I need an old commercial (i.e. non-academic) copy of Dreamweaver MX.

      From the label on the box: MAC0015 / PR:27OF340 / WSD060D200

      I'm trying to figure out what kind of product this is going to be (retail, academic, upgrade, other...)
      Since I know, WSD060D000 would be Mac/ Windows Studio MX Full Version
      I and WSW061D110 is windows Studio MX UPGRADE for pc,

      So, I realize that the "WSD060D" means it's STUDIO MX, dual system. However, what does the 200 mean? Thanks. I can't find that anywhere online what the "200" designates in "WSD060D200"