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    RGB values are all 8-bit when editing a 16-bit TIFF

      I am using Elements 6 with .cr2 raw files from my Canon Powershot G9, and also with TIFF files generated from the .cr2 using Canon's own software. In both cases, the RGB values are always in the range 0-255, but I would expect 16-bit to range from 0-65535. Is this being hidden from me by Elements? If my 16-bit TIFF really had no values greater than 255 the image would be very very dark.

      I'm asking this question possibly as part of a larger problem. If I compare what Elements (or Picasa) thinks my .cr2 file should look like, versus what Canon's software thinks it should look like, the difference is severe. The white balance and saturations are quite different, and only the Canon's version is what I'd expect.

      But Canon's software doesn't have everything that Elements has so I was hoping to edit using Elements. But I can't make the .cr2 look reasonable, and the TIFF looks right but it seems to be 8-bit values. Having to mess with white balance first in Canon's software, then bring it into Elements as a 16-bit TIFF for further manipulation, is frustrating. But at least I'd like to be sure that I'm actually still getting higher resolution.

      Of course, there may be another answer: does anyone know the bit depth of the G9's sensor? Is it just 8-bit per well? Is there any way to see the Bayer RGB style original image?

      -- Ethan
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