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    Camera Raw.plugin location on Mac, Photoshop Elements 6

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      (Regarding Photoshop Elements 6) Adobe's updater cannot find the Camera Raw plugin to update to 4.4.1, so I downloaded it manually. The problem is trying to find the old plugin so I can replace it. If I follow the info in the Read Me for this update, it says to put it in:

      ~/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS3/File Formats

      This folder did not exist, so I created Plug-Ins, CS3 and File Formats. Didn't work.

      I went to the Photoshop Elements 6 folder, and there found


      (no space between "File" and "Formats"). I put the new Camera Raw.plugin there (no old one there), and now Elements, in its "About Plug-In" drop down menu lists TWO Camera Raw plugins, version 4.3.1 and the 4.4.1 I just put there.

      Where the heck is the 4.3.1 file so I can get rid of it?? Searching with the Finder and Spotlight only reveals the 4.4.1 file.