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    Adobe XMP Files not deleted with Raw Files in ACR

    Naughty Nigel Level 1
      I am using Photoshop CS3 on a Windows XP platform. My camera raw files are mostly kept on a Windows 2003 file server, which has a gigabit connection to my workstation. However, I have the same problems when using PS CS3 on my Windows XP laptop.

      I take many hundreds of 'technical' photographs using an Olympus E1 and Canon G9 cameras. I usually bracket the exposures on the E1, specially when photographing white painted yachts, and then rate and select the images that I want in ACR 4.1.1. Unwanted images are deleted at this time.

      The problem I am having is that the associated *.xmp files are not always deleted with the camera raw files, with the result that I now have literally thousands of these 'orphaned' files cluttering up the server. The only options I have are to delete the files manually, which is a pain, or to leave them on the server, wasting unnecessary space.

      I have the same issue with Canon and Nikon raw files, so this problem is not specific to Olympus files.

      This is a long standing problem, and I would be grateful if anyone has any answers?

      If any Adobe programmers are watching, it would be handy if you could provide a simple utility to delete orphaned *.xmp files, or at least compress them into some kind of archive.