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    Camera Raw in Bridge

    Vienna_Sydney Level 1
      decided to add descriptions and keywords to my canon raw images in Bridge. No problems so far. Now I want to look at the same images from another installation. I see the images, but no descriptions and keywords.

      I have tried to copy the Camera Raw cache to the other installation, but this didn't help. I also tried to copy the Bridge cache, with no success.

      Both installations are up to date
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          Robert Shomler Level 4
          I think Bridge will create sidecar .xmp files when it adds metadata to a camera raw image. When you say you "want to look at the same images from another installation" - how do the images get to that installation? Do you see associated xmp files in your raw image file folder? Are they accessible at the other installation? To look at the files are you using bridge at the other installation or a different app (and if different app, will it interpret associated xmp file data)?

          Another option might be to create dng files from the camera raw files -- assuming that your apps at the other installation can read dng files.
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            Vienna_Sydney Level 1
            the images are on a shared folder.

            The are no sidecar .xmp files associated with these images.

            I am also looking at the images with Bridge on the other installation.

            Apart from adding descriptions and keywords, nothing is done to the images. If I want to work on them, I open copies and save them as PSD images. When they are saved with another name, the dscriptions and keywords go with them. This then makes it easier to go back to the originals
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              Robert Shomler Level 4
              Sidecar xmp files will be created if you have that option selected in Camera Raw preferences. With this ACR option, bridge-entered meta data will go into sidecar xmp file even if raw files have never been opened in acr (Bridge will create an xmp file if one does not already exist).

              Without acr xmp sidecar files option, have you tried in Bridge: Tools > Cache > Build and Export Cache? Or set Bridge Preferences > Cache > Automatically Export Cache to Folders When Possible.

              And creating dng files should work too, albeit with the extra operation to create them. View the dng files at the alternate site instead of the raw files.
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                Vienna_Sydney Level 1
                thank you for your suggestions. I already had the settings you suggested. It is really strange. The IPTC Core lists the descriptions and Keywords correctly. Lightroom can also see the same data.

                However, when going to the second installation, none of this data is visible. So where does Bridge store this data?
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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                  Are you using sidecar XMPs or not?
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                    Vienna_Sydney Level 1
                    No, I am not using sidecar XMPs. I added the descriptions and keywords using Bridge "File Info". If this data is not in sidecar XMPs, it must be written somewhere else and accessable.
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                      Thomas Knoll Level 2
                      If you are not using XMP sidecars, then you are using the Camera Raw database, NOT the cache.
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                        Vienna_Sydney Level 1
                        Hi Thomas,

                        thank you very much for the valuable info. I have now found the solution that I have looked for

                        Much appreciated
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                          I have downloaded CS3 to a mac laptop and installed all the updates, including ACR 4.5. In Bridge, I can only see Raw icons instead of the images from my Rebel xsi, which I know is covered. When I double click on the icon, it does open the image in CS3 raw processor. This is only half good as I need to edit in Bridge. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks....
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                            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                            Did you Purge the Cache through the Tools menu in Bridge for each folder, one by one, as per the instructions?

                            Are you sure you are updated to Bridge

                            Is the ACR plug-in installed correctly? It should show only one in Photoshop > About Plug-in with the correct 4.5 version.

                            Have you tried trashing Bridge preferences? (Hold down the Option key as you launch Bridge.)

                            What exact version of the OS?
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                              Level 1
                              Yes on all of the above except trashing the preferences, which I'll try. Mac OS is 10.4.11.

                              Thanks Ramon.
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                                Level 1
                                Ramon, I decided to reinstall the updates and now all is well. Thank again.