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    Full ACR + Bridge LE = a missing product ?

    Peter DL Level 1
      This could be the wrong subforum to ask (and Im sure someone will tell me), however, heres the story and the question:

      Two of my kids (9 and 12 years old) are currently making their first steps in digital photography. So we tested different software for image processing, including Photoshop CS3, Lightroom and PS Elements 6. Purpose was to find something simple while still getting best possible results in the given context. Following are our impressions:

      1.) ACRs ability to open Raw as well as JPG files was found to be very useful. In many cases, a separate Pixel-editor such as given with main Photoshop or PSE was not necessarily needed anymore (even though my heart is with the main Photoshop platform).

      2.) Bridge was loved. Whereas LR and PSE soon got ignored due their Organizer and this DAM import/export thing. Ive heard that Mac users are more familiar which the procedure. However, were on Windowz boxes. We (I) expect a Browser to show the files in the given file structure as it is.

      3.) ACRs functions were found to be too much reduced in PSE. Full ACR including e.g. the HSL tab etc. would be preferred.

      Anything in the pipeline (or anything missed) which could be called Full ACR + Bridge LE (light edition), while running on Windowz ?

      Please note that this is not a question about pricing and getting the best for least money. If it costs as much as (lets say LR), so be it.


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          Hi Peter,

          Just a comment on your LR import/export issues. I agree and dislike the way it requires importing images, but I've got a work around that is semi-satisfactory (for me anyway).

          I've imported a single folder at the top level, under which all my own folder structure is organised. When I have added images to this structure I "synchronise" the top level folder, which basically just imports the new images into the LR database.

          It's far more time consuming than it should be (especially as the folder grows bigger), but atleast it means LR sticks to the folder structure that _I_ want, and it's not as tedious as manually importing each new folder.

          For me, the editing abilities of LR are good enough that a trial of PS (and PSE) sat idle because I never needed to edit in it.

          Hope this helps,
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            Peter DL Level 1
            Hello James,

            Thanks for your response and for the tip with LR.
            Were going to try.

            As for PS sat idle, not yet with me.
            However, thats a different story.

            Thanks again.
            & Best regards, Peter

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              Hi Peter,

              A quick followup... for unknown reasons LR2 seems significantly slower at synchronising folders than LR1. There's a separate topic on it here: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx?128@@.59b630a1

              Hopefully it'll get fixed but I thought I'd better mention it having given the method a bit of a sales pitch. :)